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What is Power Empire

Power is everything, power is recognition, power is that great feeling you get when you realise that your name is being mentioned and that you really are somebody!! Being a nobody is pathetic, browsing the internet is fun but wouldn`t you rather have tasks to do to gain power and recognition around the net, of course you would.

Look at this early mission, you search the internet and look at newsgroups, boring!!!!!! how about spicing it up and you having a task to spread the word of our empire accross those newsgroups, putting your name on it and gaining recognition from the high council, of course we don`t agree with spam so you will have to put something relevent ot the newsgroup and contribute positively, however at the same time you spread the word of the empire and yours and the empire power increases(missions will be on web,newsgroups,ftp and others!!!). some of the harder missions are nigh on impossible and you need much power around the net to achieve them.

It doesn`t stop there, medals are awarded for astounding performances (virtual but still goes on your record), secret artifacts are spread around the net, if you find them your rank increases and it goes down on your record, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The more the empire grows the better it becomes and if you are one of the first to join then by the time it is a massive part of the internet you are a major part of it, power a plenty!!!
By now you must be interested, it costs nothing and you increase your enjoyment and get a chance to be famous.


  • Serf – We all start of at this level , it is very common and also very easy to get promoted out of, a few easy tasks should do the trick, remember we all start somewhere.
  • Master – A grand sounding title and even though the missions are easy,there stillexciting and you are becoming a worthy member of the empire.
  • Sir – A sir is a difficult title to achieve, even though it is early on in the ranks some people do find it difficult to get to this stage, however once there you are definately getting mentioned with the high council and if got here with speed promotion is easier to next rank.
  • Squire – You are definately amassing more power and recognition around the net from this stage on you are noticed as a strong member
  • Lord – A fine title to have, hold your head up high around the net and be proud
  • Baron – A Baron holds massive respect, could be used on big misions if the person has shown exceptional skills up to this point.
  • Viscount – A big step – takes a long time to get here (unless you are exceptional) and once here will get the odd big mission.
  • Count – One up from Baron but differ very little – a proud title to have however.
  • Earl – Takes a great deal of time and missions to get this title – some earls are even invited to meeting at high council, recognition will come flooding in from everywhere.
  • Marquis – last of the top three ranks, quite a few will be asked to come to meetings and the missions will be exceptionally hard, to get here you have to be real good, real good!!!!!
  • Duke – Not many people achieve this grade, it is the second best and takes unbelievable amount of talent to achieve – will recieve many honours and is seen as one of the best in the business.
  • Prince – Only 5 prince places are availbale, they are the best there is and are invited to all top gatherings, do the best missions and get specialresponsibilities. However it is an hard title to keep as all the dukes will be pushing hard and relegation down a rank is possible, remember you the best!!!!!
  • Princess – The title given to the girl that shows the most courage on the net, will be looked after extremely.
  • Queen – The woman that steals my heart on the net. Will also be looked after severely.
  • Lancelot – To bear this titles shows you are the best, you are quitesimply number 1 atgetting power and being famous.

The King
I am the king – King JEBU- I will look after my people and you will all be informed on the progress of the empire, missions at the start will be generated and given out by me but as the empire grows I will delegate responsibilities to my princes and dukes (more of a reason to move up rank). As the empire grows it will get harder to move up ranks due to the population of the empire – I as king advise you to join as early as possible as I will be chosing my princes out of the first entrants to join me in the council, the rest will then have to start at serf. I am not in this for the money, but for bringing back fun to the internet and acquiring recognition at he same time, all funds that the empire ammasses will be sent out to the members, if we get sponsored or funded expect a check through the post (may happen in the future). Please join the empire and embark upon a great journey of fun and excitment, heres to the empires future!!!!!
How to join
Interested?????? If so just e-mail me on

then I will send the rest of the features of the empire, you can the join and get ready to do missions, it costs NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! You will have fun, you will gain power and best of all you will gain respect!!!!!!!