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    Hey guys. Good to see you all filtering in. Had a busy week on other sites so took it easy on TPE this week. Gonna blast out some content this weekend including more pictures, history and new features.



    Sup Jebu!

    I used to be under the handle tha_twisted_mind or CoVErEd-MiND I remember you actually handing me leadership of PE back in the day do u recall this happening? I was just talking about power empire w my boy on IRC did a google on it and your site came up hit me back if this rings a bell!

    I can also help as an admin or anything u need i handle a lot of services such as WordPress sites i can also help you edit and get everything working I’m a web developer now so any assistance don’t hesitate to ask :)


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    Yes – I do remember twisted mind nick. It was a long time ago though!
    This is one of the main reasons I wanted to launch the site again, to get back in touch with people who have been involved through the years, as well as provding an home for our long standing members.

    I may well take you up on the website support offer. I am getting better with the worpdress backend stuff and found a lot of good open source plugins which I am using accross a number of sites. I can do relatively simple code hacking such as colour schemes and follow posts online to remove any conflicts.

    The one main issue I am having at the moment with the image gallers on this site is the fact that I have to use “hardbox” as the gallery type as otherwise the images won’t show up. I have no idea why to be honest but am assuming its some form of plugin conflict that I can’t get to the bottom of.

    Really nice to see an old school member of TPE show up on the site, that alone is worth the time and money on the site!

    I would be interested to know more details about what happened with TPE from when I handed it over so any extra information you have would be cool and I can add follow ups to the lore section as we piece it all back together.



    It’s great to see people still have a fond memory of one of the biggest hacking/virii factions in history! I will give a brief insight on what I can remember about my Power Empire experience.

    I believe me and you communicated through ICQ, or IRC I don’t remember. But I remember you handing me over leadership of the faction and taking on a shitload of responsibilities such as weekly meetings and discussions, where it just consumed way too much of my time. I ran it for about 2 months, and in that time I created a virus called wh00f.c which affected over 18 million computers worldwide (as stated on one of those virus definition sites i don’t recall the link but you can Google it). The code of that virus is actually the basis of the “Anonymous legion” hacking code which is used today to bring down the targeted servers.

    Anyways after 2 months I gave up running it because it was just waaay to much work n stress involved prepping material for discussions and whatnot, I ended up handing it over to someone else (whom i cannot recall either). This could have something to do with the downfall of the group because not too long after that i’d say about 6 months the group faded away and was no longer active.

    And that’s my story on my experience with a really cool and fun memory of something that you could only imagine from the movies!

    As for your web site support, I would be glad to assist. Being that we have careers now and I’m sure this would just be a joined non-profit effort, I can periodically help maintain and work on the site with you and keep it going, as well as try to bring back more former PE members.

    I am currently also admin with several vbulletin forums and wordpress sites so this would be cool. I am still on IRC DALnet daily and am founder of the #android channel, as well as hang out in other places such as #2600. Some of the forums I admin include http://www.androidn00b.com/ and http://www.teamwastemanagement.com/ and jessicafengperformance.com

    LMK if you would like me to take a look at the hardbox gallery and try to get it working. Cheers!


    Key Master

    I know I broke up TPE into a few different factions of which the virii was one of them and clearly went on to be the most infamous. I was trying to setup groups for each of the different arts (hacking, virii, warez, phreaking, cracking, etc) but I got about half way through the original plan.

    As noted in my post, I was pretty young at the time and if you thought you were busy for 2 months imagine what I was like for a couple of years! I think in the early days we were just seen as a bit of a rogue group doing something a bit daft but I know for a fact we grabbed a lot of attention from a lot of places in the last 6+ months. I don’t think the authorities liked a group of 1000+ people all learning stuff like we were teaching.

    I do look back on them days with fond memories despite the paranoia the whole thing brought on in the later years.

    It was ICQ we used to talk on. I know I gave overall TPE control to spooky but spread out the groups to key members. Pretty cool you got in touch!

    Deffo take you up on offer to help run site mate. I probably will monetise it at some point but for now it’s just a matter of getting the history together. TPE is a labour of love for me and we have been active in MMORPG for a long time and have had many “beerfests” in which we meet up and get pissed. Met some awesome friends through the community.

    If ya not already, sign up to the site and give me an email and we can sort out what needs to be done..




    Hey guys, not much activity here.
    Is there someplace else you guys hang out at now?
    Sorry I know I’ve been out the loop for a year now, but how you all doing?


    Key Master


    Sorry not replied for a while. Not really been working on the TPE website! We mostly post and talk in our face book page. Just look up TPE on facebook and you will find us!



    the TPE page is secret, someone must add you to it ;)



    Hey, if anyone reads this my new fb name is dogahma or Chris Easton, however that works idk.



    before Shutter Island, Id presumed he was already dead. I mean, he was really old in the hay-day of his big hits… Strange Brew and Flash Gordon.



    Welcome to the Renegade Heroes TF2 forum We have a server up and if you want to post some strats, a warm greeting, or just anything TF2 related, here is the place



    Welcome Jules its nice to see you here.

    Thanks to turnaround for starting this forum

    I think its going to be lots of fun.

    I am also obessed with the behind the scenes stuff. First thing I do when I buy a cd is look at who wrote the songs

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