Original TPE promotional post

The hacking revolution has arrived in the form of
******** THE POWER EMPIRE ********
* It is a legal (as you can get) hacking group now with over 400 members world wide !!
* Any degree of hacking ability is needed and useful !!
* Hurry and join, limited places of power and respect available to a select few !!
* A ranking system is in place to reward those who further the Empire. Gain power and respect from hundreds !!
* Send this message to everyone on your mailing list, the promotions board loves it !!
* To join just send an email to- xe…@dial.pipex.com (Non-Australian) 
dmo…@gil.com.au (Australian)
with the following details:-
Who Reffered You:
Skills: {not needed }
and further information will be passed to u !!
* Remember to hurry, places are limited.
.o0 SWitCh 0o.