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Hacking & Virii


The first ever incarnation of The Power Empire came from the mind of it’s leader over the last 15+ years, Jebu . That will be me, the author of this article and for the first time ever I will be documenting how the first ever TPE grew, what it was supposed to be, what it grew into and why I let it die.


Whats the Background?

Living in England back in 1995 wasn’t the easiest place to get internet access. This was the days of British Telecom charging you upwards of 10p a minute for using your phone line. The days when you were happy to see it click past 6pm as the charges would drop down to 1p a minute. The days when an internet connection with Pipex Dial cost you an insane amount of money each month and you had to hook it up to your 14...

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