Upload Image

Please submit your image to the TPE website so we can catalogue our history and capture the present for the future. To upload a photo simply browse to your image on your computer and upload. Please be sure to add a good description so we can categorise it accordingly. To upload a photo you must be registered as a subscriber to the TPE website (it’s free and simple).

By default your photo will appear in the “Community Uploads” gallery until such time our admin team move it to the appropriate gallery. At this point in time we will not be requiring admin authorisation for files uploaded so you should see them immediately in the gallery. If into the future this feature gets abused in any way then we will have to enable authorisation.

If when you click submit nothing appears to happen and you get booted back to homepage, then you might be using Internet Explorer with certain settings that stops the upload. Other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) should solve the problem.

Please note that if you have a very large amount of files you wish to submit then please contact us at (Jebu@thepowerempire.com) so we can discuss an easier mechanism for bulk transfer.